Knee Surgery

"One year ago today you performed a knee arthroscopy and debridgement of meniscal tear on my left knee. I had had the exact same operation performed by someone else on the same knee the year before with poor results and the only option I was given was to have my knee replaced. I was so disappointed as it was the last thing I wanted. Then I came to see you!
I wanted you to know how grateful I am for the care and understanding you showed me and to tell you that everything is still going well. My knee hasn't swollen up since then and most of the time it is pretty stable. I'm doing all the things I used to enjoy like walking and cycling but just taking a little extra care and not pushing myself too hard.
Unfortunately I have had to end my Bupa membership as it was getting far too expensive for me but I am putting a little money away each week so that if I get problems in the future I may still be able to come and see you.
Thank you once again Mr Aslam and stay happy and safe."

"Before the operation I was in significant pain and now only have the occasional twinge. The support I received before, during and after the event was second to none."

"Firstly Mr Aslam is most considerate and courteous. Secondly he was the most thorough in his explanation of the indicates of the procedure and the possible risks involved. So far I feel most positive about my operation."

"Mr Nadim Aslam was all his web CV said. Up to date trained and a total professional. I would always contact him first if I needed the best surgical skill and care."

"This was the third time of seeing Mr Aslam. First rate treatment on all three occasions. I would highly recommend Mr Aslam for knee surgery."

"The care I received was excellent also the surgeon Mr Nadim Aslam was very professional and shown a caring nature. The country could do with more surgeons like Nadim Aslam - a credit to his profession."

"This is my second knee operation (replacement) and Mr Aslam on both occasions has exceeded my expectations. He has literally given me my life back. His quiet manner, understanding of my needs and obvious skill and talent has on each occasion enabled me to continue my love of gardening. I have never hesitated in recommending him to others with similar needs. I am forever grateful."

"One year ago I was incapacitated, walking very badly because of pain. Today I am pain free and walking normally. Also I am feeling very very well and friends comment on the change in me. This is all due to the skill of Nadim Aslam who operated on my knee in October 2012 and gave me back my life."

"Mr Aslam and the entire staff at South Bank made me fully aware what was happening at all times, and always allayed any fears I might have had. Their professionalism and help was exceptional. Many thanks to all."

"Absolutely delighted with Mr Aslam’s care. I would definitely use him again for my other knee. The new knee is wonderful and I have already recommended Mr Aslam to others."

"Wonderful job, I am now pain free and my mobility is good. The replacement has enabled me to continue working and also participate again in a range of activities which I enjoy."

“My experience with Mr Aslam has been one of total confidence in his abilities and that his care and attention before and after the operation was second to none. I never had cause to doubt his skills and felt totally at ease with the whole procedure. Mr Aslam involved me with the decision making all the way through. It is now nearly 3 years since my operation and it is as though I never had a problem. Mr Aslam will always have my grateful thanks.”

Hip Surgery

“The scar is absolutely nothing at all when you consider what kind of operation I went through. But most amazing was how quickly I was back on my feet as well as sleeping normally. I was home in two days and actually working in my new garden three days after the op. I used a crutch for a few days but after that I was walking pretty well. Eight-weeks on and I was totally unaware that I had even had a hip replaced! It was quite amusing when the family came over for Easter – I was up and about and organising everything – no-one could believe I’d had a new hip fitted just 11 days earlier.” Read Rachel's story here.

“I found the experience of having my left hip replaced excellent and I have been virtually pain free since the operation. I will require my right hip replaced at some time and will not hesitate contacting Mr Aslam to carry out a similar procedure.”

“I found Mr Aslam to be the epitome of a “gentle giant”. He is kind, courteous, approachable and easy to talk to. You felt always that he had a personal interest in your particular problems. I would especially cite the day of my operation. I don’t respond well to anaesthetic but wasn’t sure I was brave enough to have the spinal block. Having talked to him and the anaesthetist I felt completely relaxed and confident about it. They make a good team!”

“It is 6 weeks since my hip replacement and I am recovering well. I am no longer in pain and more mobile than before my operation. I am very pleased with the skill exercised by Mr Aslam and his team and their careful attention to detail.”

“I would give Mr Aslam the highest recommendation possible on all counts and would wish for no other surgeon’s services if needed.”

“I am delighted with my new hip and have every confidence in Mr Aslam. I am now able to walk distances, ride a bicycle, Pilates and exercise – all I found difficult before the operation.”

“Having a hip replacement was the best thing that I could have done, although when I was initially told I was terrified. Mr Aslam explained it all to me clearly and showed me the x-ray. He performed the operation, came to see me afterwards saying that it had gone well and that I would have exercises to do and I had to be careful. I followed the advice and carefully carried out the exercises. I left hospital after learning to climb stairs etc. and I could use one crutch (I didn’t need it for long!). After six weeks my personal trainer did some strengthening exercises with me and watched how I was walking. The previous pain in my hip meant that I had compensated for it by walking badly. We worked on a programme and I because stronger and active again. On my follow up Mr Aslam said I was remarkable and showed me what the hip joint prosthesis looked like. That was in March 2011. Two years later, I am running on the treadmill, and doing lots in the gym. Although I have cut down the road running, I still do a bit and run the Race for Life. Thanks to Mr Aslam the hip replacement changed my life. I can walk properly and have no pain.”

“Mr Aslam, as far as I am concerned, is a marvellous surgeon. The operation went smoothly and my recovery proceeded normally with no problems. Within 6 weeks I was walking well, even unaided at times and after 4 months walking without any aids. I am now doing everything normally but with caution. I am practically pain free. I just get an ache now and again if I have done too much but I never have any severe pain. I can’t thank Mr Aslam enough for what he has done for me (and his team). The care I had at the hospital was great. I would not want any other surgeon but Mr Aslam to operate on me in the future. Thank you everyone for all the care you gave me. The quality of my life is now so much better.”

“The treatment I received from all the staff was excellent. From my first meeting with Mr Aslam he was professional, friendly and reassuring and thanks to his skill I am now able to pursue my busy lifestyle (apart from some stiffness when sitting for any length of time)."

“I was referred to Mr Aslam’s clinic by my GP for a hip replacement. He welcomed both my wife and I and immediately put me at ease, he is a softly spoken kind man with a caring disposition. This and a second meeting was to discuss a hip replacement which would be carried out by him in the following weeks. He showed in detail how the operation would be carried out and demonstrated with the hip joints how they functioned. He put me at ease and displayed a very professional approach. On the day of the operation he visited before and after at the bedside to see that I was well and to examine the wound. Again showing his compassionate and caring nature. A year later Mr Aslam carried out another hip replacement to my right hip with the same high degree of professionalise. During my visits to the Spire I witnessed Mr Aslam’s approach to his staff and secretaries which was both polite and respectful. I have had no hesitation recommending Mr Aslam to many friends and family for joint replacements. I consider he is a consummate professional and consider myself lucky I was treated by him.”

“I am full of admiration and praise for the way in which Mr Aslam conducted my case from initial interview through to handing over to the physiotherapy department staff, who incidentally were also extremely professional.”

“Mr Aslam was reassuring and unhurried in answering my questions. His friendly approach inspired confidence which was totally justified.”

“My hip replacement was very successful, due to the skill of Mr Aslam and the aftercare of his team. I haven’t had any problems since. I was able to walk without sticks by 6-8 weeks. Should I need similar surgery again I would not hesitate to ask for Mr Aslam’s help.”

“Following my hip operation I can now return to an almost normal life – walking, riding my bicycle, gardening, pilates etc. I can sit on the floor and have suffered no pain at all. Mr Aslam rebuilt my hip socket during surgery and the result is 100% success. Obviously I do feel a little stiffness at times. Thank you Mr Aslam for helping me out so brilliantly.”

“From reception through to departure I would find it difficult to have anything but praise and would be at a loss to suggest improvement. This whole procedure, proposed and carried out by Mr Aslam and his team has given me a measure of mobility not experienced for many years.”

“Mr Aslam is an ideal consultant, calm, friendly and confidence inspiring.”

“This was my first experience of an operation in hospital and it could not have been better. My consultant was extremely helpful and kind and performed the operation to perfection. I have had no hip pain since the operation and only a little residual muscle stiffness, now going with exercise. I have a hardly noticeable scar. My treatment was exceptional and I thank everyone for their kindness, courtesy and excellent service received.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Mr Aslam and his team for the courteous and professional way my treatment was handled. My hip replacement operation has been a complete success and I am now able to do the things in life which have been on hold for so long. Thank you so much Mr Aslam.”

“My hip replacement has been a great success thanks to Mr Aslam’s skill. I have had no problems since the operation and the hip pain has gone which is wonderful. If only I could have a back replacement!”

“I would without hesitation recommend Mr Aslam. He has excellent people skills and I was extremely satisfied with results of my hip replacement.”

“Mr Aslam was extremely courteous on the several times we met. He gave me great confidence and the whole experience was relatively enjoyable.”

“Amazing operation – I can run, jump and hop all things I couldn’t do last year. I feel I have got my life back.”

“After a very successful hip replacement 2 years ago I am now pain free and enjoying a very active life doing things I had given up gradually over the previous two years. I’m regularly doing 5 mile walks, gardening, gym work, yoga, swimming, playing and chasing the grandchildren all thanks to Mr Aslam and his staff at South Bank. Mr Aslam made me feel very comfortable and at ease from the first meeting giving full information and details concerning the operation. He visited before and after the operation and during my stay. I was most impressed with the wound which didn’t have stitches so I’ve only a fine scar now. On my follow up appointment Mr Aslam was very interested to know how everything had continued and if any problems to see him again, a very pleasant appointment. My stay in the Spire Hospital was very comfortable and pleasant. All the staff were caring and helpful from the very beginning through to my discharge. Physio was very important it made me do things I thought I couldn’t do. Every day I walked and did the exercises I was given, all this gave me a good recovery.”

“I was shocked to discover that I needed hip replacements. Mr Aslam put me at ease and explained in great detail the nature of my problems. The operations were fantastic; I was treated with the greatest of respect at all times. More importantly my operations have cured me of severe pain and discomfort which I have been having for many years.”

“Mr Aslam is so kind and comforting. He has a lovely bedside manner and is easy to communicate with even at very stressful times. I will be happy to have further surgeries with him and always recommend him. My scar healed well and quickly and my recovery was very speedy. Thanks to Mr Aslam.”

“I find Mr Aslam to be extremely kind and professional, willing to answer questions and always put me at ease.” “Mr Aslam was totally reassuring, very kind and understanding. I had every confidence in him, which was totally justified by the successful operation.”

“Mr Aslam has operated on both my hips. He is an outstanding surgeon and I have recommended him to my large circle of friends. He has an excellent ability to empathise with his patients whom he treats with kindness and consideration. Very few consultants would be willing to check up on their post-operative patients at 10.30pm and arrange alternative treatment. Our son-in-law needed urgent surgery for a knee problem before a flight to New Zealand and although he was very busy Mr Aslam made a special effort to fit him in and give the appropriate treatment. Mr Aslam is such an excellent surgeon that should my knees become a problem I will definitely be knocking on his door yet again.”

“From the outset I was most impressed with the treatment I received from Mr Aslam. I have had no pain from my hip and I have been able to carry on with my life with no problems. I have not experienced any limping, due to the excellent realignment of the lengths of my legs during the operation. What could have been a very worrying experience was made much less so due to the courtesy and professionalism of such a skilful surgeon, to whom I am extremely grateful.”

“I was thoroughly satisfied with the care and attention I received and my hip has been pain free and totally fine since the operation.”

“My hip replacement at South Bank Hospital was most successful. Prior and post operation was very professional, excellent attention from Mr Aslam. He was kind, helpful at all times, visiting regularly even “out of hours”. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Aslam. Care at South Bank was of the highest level.”

“Mr Aslam is a very caring and friendly surgeon for whom I am very grateful to for the replacement of my hip. He visited me nearly every night during my stay in South Bank which I did appreciate. I would also like to express my thanks to all the staff at Spire South Bank Hospital from the pre-op nurse to Carol on the ward.”

“Everyone at South Bank was very kind and always helpful. The staff were very good and Mr Aslam was very good and made me feel at ease. I was a very nervous person and he made me relaxed. If I had to be operated on again I would ask for Mr Aslam.”

“It is a privilege to be asked to give a testimonial to you. I just hope that this will convey my complete satisfaction with your professional work. My body has totally accepted the new hip replacement and I have no restriction in my mobility. I am in no pain, more than 2 ½ years after the operation. Should I require further surgery I would have no hesitation in contacting you again. Thank you.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Aslam to my friends and family if they needed surgery as I found him to be very kind, but also very professional. I was treated with very great respect.”

Sports Injury

“Mr Aslam was recommended by two friends after their surgery. Mr Aslam totally met my expectations and I was utterly confident in his expertise. My result after surgery is excellent.”

“Mr Aslam was very approachable, sympathetic, kind, regarding my active lifestyle, gave me great confidence and I would recommend him every time if asked.”

“A perfect gentleman who gave me confidence to go ahead with the operation after ten years of fear of having the surgery needed. The kindness and support given to myself and the family have far exceeded our expectations.”

“I just wanted to say a very big thank you for all your care, expertise and kindness over the last few months. It was fantastic and “way beyond the call of duty”. I have to say that there were times when I got a little gloomy about the final outcome, but you encouraged me through it magnificently. Sheila and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts and would love to see you again soon – but not in a clinical environment.”

“The surgical treatment and follow up was 100%. Mr Aslam is delightful and inspires great confidence.”

Audit of Quality of Surgical Care

"I could not be happier with the treatment I have had and with its outcome. I now regularly play tennis, can go for walks and all pain free. The only time I think about my knee is to feel glad that it feels so comfortable. Thank you!"

"Very satisfied with everything. Leg exercises before very important as instructed by Mr Aslam. "

"As a fairly nervous/neurotic patient I was made to feel very comfortable and to I date I am very satisfied with the progress/result of the operations on both knees. I would definitely recommend Mr Aslam + South Bank Hospital and staff to anyone requiring knee surgery. "

"I am delighted with the outcome of my knee replacement."

"I would not hesitate to see Mr Aslam in the future if I needed further treatment."

"Nadim is a knowledgeable, courteous and accomplished surgeon. His mastery of surgical techniques is second to none."

"Mr Aslam has been most helpful and reassuring for both knee operations."

"Every aspect of my consultations and surgery was impeccable. People are treated as individuals and their needs are always accommodated. Patients are welcomed to ask questions and receive clear and understandable answers. Mr Aslam and his team inspire confidence in all their patients. They would always be my first choice for any necessary surgery. Thank you Mr Aslam."

"I am extremely pleased with the result of my second total knee replacement. My quality of life has improved, I can now dance, do gardening and I am able to wear a two inch heel shoe without discomfort or fear of falling. May god bless him."

"I have had a very good experience with Mr Aslam, his staff also are excellent. My knee has recovered well, and within a few weeks I have been able to resume my activities, making furniture and doing day to day maintenance at my home. Thank you for your excellent work."

"I enjoyed meeting Mr Aslam & very much liked his open and friendly manner. The outcome of my surgery is very much better than I had expected bearing in mind my experience 4 years previously with another surgeon."

"First class service from all the team."

"As with my first knee operation, which went very well, I knew I was in good hands and was totally satisfied knowing that Mr Aslam was my surgeon."

"My treatment at all times has been exceptional."

"Excellent care from Mr Aslam & team."

"Very courteous and understanding."

"I was very well looked after when having surgery and I don’t think I could have been in better hands."

"He is a very caring, skilful surgeon. I have got my life back again. Thank you."

"I have nothing but praise for the surgeon, the hospital and the staff. Excellent experience. "

"I am now able to live my life comfortably. My hospital experience was good, particularly the anaesthetic team. Nursing care and physiotherapy great at getting me moving quickly. Mr Aslam is to be highly recommended as a surgeon and friends a relatives are amazed at my recovery so quickly. After care too has been a good experience. Many thanks to the whole team."

"I could not have asked for better care from my surgeon. He was not only skilled, he was a human being throughout the process. I had the utmost confidence after I attended one of his seminars – he obviously cares about what he does and wants others to understand the possible outcomes. "

"I was very impressed with Mr Aslam’s excellent treatment care and professionalism. He took time to explain everything in detail which inspired confidence before the operation. The aftercare was excellent and I was more than happy to return for the second knee replacement."

"The operation was very successful. I am able to walk well, dance + play tennis thanks to Mr Aslam."

"Mr Aslam gives me great confidence, is very caring and kind and I had no fear at all being under his expert care."

"Mr Aslam is the most courteous + approachable surgeon + is completely dedicated to the patients’ needs + also to the families opinions, which is very much appreciated. His pre + post op care is highly commendable and his professionalism is beyond reproach. Myself and my wife hold him in the highest regard and respect."

"If I ever needed knee surgery again I would most definitely want Mr Aslam to perform it. This operation has made my life so much easier."

"I can’t fault the treatment I have had and look forward to the future pain free!"

"Would be more than happy to recommend Mr Aslam to anyone contemplating surgery under him. Have had two knee operations performed by him and entered into both with no qualms whatsoever."

"1st class service in every way."

"From my first meeting with Mr Aslam through the operation and to date have been extremely satisfied and will always recommend Mr Aslam to any of my friends who find themselves in my situation."

"The operation was skilfully performed, and my recovery was rapid, apart from the effects of the anaesthetic. Mr Aslam was encouraging and helpful."

"Mr Aslam is a highly professional surgeon who is well respected by colleagues and patients. I would have no hesitation in electing him as my surgeon in the future, should that become necessary."

"Mr Aslam’s care is beyond respite, he is always polite and caring. I would have every confidence in him operating on me again."

"I found Mr Aslam to be excellent. As well as being an excellent surgeon he was “down to earth” in the way the operation was explained."

"I found Mr Aslam extremely kind and helpful and I appreciated his advice and care. Could not have done more."

"I would like to thank Mr Aslam and all the staff for the care they gave me during and after my operation."

"Again I cannot fault Mr Aslam in any way, he has been amazingly supportive, caring and helpful, I think he worried more than I do."

"I have advised everyone who needs knee or hip replacement surgery to have Mr Aslam, as mine has been perfect."

"The whole hospital experience was very friendly, efficient and courteous."

"Very pleased with pre-surgery and aftercare, feels good and confortable. Big improvement on all aspects of activity."

"Trouble free operation greatly assisted by Mr Aslam’s expertise."

"I find Mr Aslam to be very much a gentleman who is down to earth and takes time to explain and listen."