“Firstly Mr Aslam is most considerate and courteous. Secondly he was the most thorough in his explanation of the indicates of the procedure and the possible risks involved. So far I feel most positive about my operation.”
“Mr Nadim Aslam was all his web CV said. Up to date trained and a total professional. I would always contact him first if I needed the best surgical skill and care.”
“This was the third time of seeing Mr Aslam. First rate treatment on all three occasions. I would highly recommend Mr Aslam for knee surgery.”

“The scar is absolutely nothing at all when you consider what kind of operation I went through. But most amazing was how quickly I was back on my feet as well as sleeping normally. I was home in two days and actually working in my new garden three days after the op. I used a crutch for a few days but after that I was walking pretty well. Eight-weeks on and I was totally unaware that I had even had a hip replaced! It was quite amusing when the family came over for Easter – I was up and about and organising everything – no-one could believe I’d had a new hip fitted just 11 days earlier.”
“One year ago today you performed a knee arthroscopy and debridgement of meniscal tear on my left knee. I had had the exact same operation performed by someone else on the same knee the year before with poor results and the only option I was given was to have my knee replaced. I was so disappointed as it was the last thing I wanted. Then I came to see you! I wanted you to know how grateful I am for the care and understanding you showed me and to tell you that everything is still going well. My knee hasn’t swollen up since then and most of the time it is pretty stable. I’m doing all the things I used to enjoy like walking and cycling but just taking a little extra care and not pushing myself too hard. Unfortunately I have had to end my Bupa membership as it was getting far too expensive for me but I am putting a little money away each week so that if I get problems in the future I may still be able to come and see you. Thank you once again Mr Aslam and stay happy and safe.”
“The care I received was excellent also the surgeon Mr Nadim Aslam was very professional and shown a caring nature. The country could do with more surgeons like Nadim Aslam – a credit to his profession.”



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